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Drivers and activities

All drivers must be over 25 years of age and held an unendorsed license for a minimum of 2 year. Any unauthorized driver renders all insurance null and void and the Renter will be held responsible for any and all loss and/or damage. We highly recommend carrying an International Drivers License to avoid questions at Police Check Points.

Whilst on rental, the vehicle is only allowed in the Mfuwe area and South Luangwa National park for game drives and personal tourist activities, following Zambian Wildlife Authority (DNPW) and Zambian rules and regulations. Taking the vehicle on the road to Chipata, north of Nsefu sector or towards the Malama Chiefdom is not allowed, unless with prior consent of Personal Touch. Any unauthorized and other usage of the vehicle renders all insurances. No commercial activities are allowed inside the National Park, without written consent of DNPW. A copy of a valid credit card details is needed upon collection. On all safari drives inside the park, your rental vehicle will have to be driven by our licensed wildlife guide. The vehicle is not allowed inside the National park without a Personal Touch safari guide..

Park entrance fees

All entrance fees are payable directly to the park board at the gate, therefore we advise you to bring enough cash to have ready at the entrance gate. The Personal Touch Ltd. cannot be held liable for prices quoted in error i.e. all prices quoted on an error and omissions basis.

DNPW Park Entry valid per day payable by your party:

For Guided Safaris by Personal Touch 

US $ 25 per person per day – Non Residents

US $ 20 per person per day – Zambian Residents / SADC members

ZK 42 per person per day – Zambian Citizens

Kwacha 50 (USD 5,00) per vehicle on guided drive between 06.00-18.00 hours

US $ 20 per Personal Touch vehicle on guided drive between 18.01-20.00 hours


The vehicle is at the sole risk of the Renter (fair wear and tear excepted) from the moment the key and/or the vehicle is handed to the Renter until such time as Personal Touch has recorded the return of the vehicle. Vehicles are insured for game drive activities in the South Luangwa National Park or per separate agreement for Community Projects in the Mfuwe area. The Renter shall be liable for any damages and/or total loss sustained to the vehicle, howsoever the damage and/or total loss is caused and whether or not it is attributed to his fault or negligence (including but not limited to hail damage). The Renter is liable for any damage caused to the vehicle including tyres whilst the vehicle is on hire to him. Company reserves the right to ask for a cash deposit to cover the liability. In the event that the driver/Renter damages the vehicle (this includes crossing of waterways), or overloads the vehicle with more than 11 people including driver & spotter, insurance is not valid and the driver/Renter will be charged for all towing costs, repair, damage and loss of revenue resulting from such incidents. Insurance does not cover tyre/rim damage or radio loss or damage. Any case of theft or accident should be reported to The Personal Touch ltd. as soon as possible. Extension of the rental beyond the originally agreed dates must be arranged. Failure to notify The Personal Touch ltd. before the date of desired extension will mean that the Renter is driving the vehicle illegally and without insurance cover and will be held responsible for any loss and/or damage caused to the vehicle.


The vehicles will start all rental periods with a full tank and should be returned at the end of the period with a full tank. If the company needs to replenish any tank the Renter will be charged Mfuwe pump prices plus 10%.


The Personal Touch Ltd. is constantly monitoring the overall conditions of the vehicles. Fluid levels as well as tyre pressure and conditions are checked before the rental agreement. In the case that the rental agreement exceeds one week, the basic maintenance is the responsibility of the Renter. With basic maintenance the checking of all fluid levels and adjustments when necessary, the control of tyres and pressures, and the check on overall appearances of the vehicle are meant. Failure to proceed with basic maintenance can result in serious engine failure and all damages occurring from this negligence will be charged to the Renter. If Renter, whilst performing basic maintenance, finds any problems falling outside basic maintenance, The Personal Touch Ltd. needs to be informed immediately, so necessary actions can be taken. Any work done by the Renter outside the basic maintenance range, can not be charged to The Personal Touch ltd. without prior consent from this company.


The Personal Touch ltd. reserves the right to amend the rates quoted. We reserve the right not to enter into a rental agreement at our discretion. We reserve the right to substitute the vehicle with a comparable or superior vehicle. We will try our very best to replace a vehicle that has broken down and cannot be repaired within 24hrs. Any problems with the hire vehicle must be reported on the return of the vehicle.

Without prior permission of Personal Touch, the vehicle is not allowed to drive in the park unless with a Personal Touch registered guide.

Pricing & Payments

Payments must be made out to The Personal Touch ltd. Daily rates are cash on delivery of vehicle, weekly and monthly payments are to be as described below. An invoice will be submitted for each payment made. Renter is responsible for registration and payment of all fees while entering the South Luangwa National Park and must obey all rules and regulations set out by DNPW.

A minimum deposit of 50% is requested to confirm your booking. The balance is to be paid minimum 30 days before collection date of vehicle. A reservation confirmation will be sent to the client via e-mail once the deposit is received. Deposits can be paid by direct transfer into Zambian or European account, details on application. The deposit is non-refundable for cancellations made within 30 days of arrival date. The Personal Touch Ltd. accepts Zambian Kwacha, US dollars and Euros. We are able to accept Master and Visa Card or Online Secure payments via PayPal, however please be aware that all bank transfers including credit card payments should be made free of bank charges to recipient.

A cancellation of any booking must be received in writing. The cancellation fee is as follows:

* more than 3 months prior to pick-up 10% of total amount

* 3 months to 1 month prior to pick-up 50% of total amount

* Less than 1 month prior to pick up 90% of total amount

* Seven or less days prior to pick up 100% of total amount

* Early return No refund


On request we can supply our cars with a canopy made out of steel and canvas (subject to availability). The Personal Touch Ltd is supplying the canopy in good condition. If the canopy is torn upon return of the car the client will be liable for all cost to replace the canopy, (including material and labour cost approximately 1,000 ZMW).

Conditions for professional guiding Services

All Safaris are private for your party per booking, no other guests will join. A maximum of 9 people are allowed per safari and the final number needs to be communicated upfront. We have a fleet of vehicles, so can always assist with more vehicles should you have a big group. Pricing is based on the safari, not per person and include all safari’s as listed below (vehicle, professional safari guide, spotter for evening safaris) but does not include park entrance fees for vehicle and passengers. Pre-bookings are preferred, but guests are more than welcome to check last minute availability. Whilst on safari, the vehicle is only allowed in the Mfuwe area and South Luangwa National park for game drives and tourist activities, following DNPW and Zambian rules and regulations. Any unauthorized and other usage of the vehicle (inclusive of adding non-agreed passengers) renders all insurances & vehicle is to be returned.

Professional Service Agreement; Private Safari 

Your private safari to explore South Luangwa National Park and its surrounding game management areas are booked per your itinerary and per the number of people as confirmed per e-mail. No other people or additional people may be allowed on the vehicle for your safari. All private Safaris will start from the centre of Mfuwe village (filling station), unless otherwise agreed. Please note that no refunds are given where a client leaves an itinerary before completion or if the itinerary ends before its published date due to reasons beyond Personal Touch’s control. No refunds are made for no shows or any unused services. Extension or change of services can only be done by prior agreement of Personal Touch. Your private safari is available for you per specific hours and specific number of people agreed, following rules and regulations in Zambia; any other itinerary requirements need to be discussed upfront

One drive   Private Safari is available for a maximum of 4 hours at a                    time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than                    06.00 and not later than 20.00 following park rules
Two drives Private Safari is available for a maximum of 4 hours each at                    a time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than                    06.00 and not later than 20.00 following park rules 

All day       Private Safari is available for a maximum of 8 hours at a                    time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than                    06.00 and not later than 18.00 following park rules

No commercial activities (including commercial filming and photography) are allowed inside the National Park, without written consent of DNPW.

Insurance & Liability whilst using professional guiding Services

Participants undertake all activities associated with their itinerary at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance in respect of themselves and their property. We advise participants to take out their own comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage and money. The Personal Touch Ltd. shall not be liable if a participant should fail to take adequate insurance cover.

All clients booked on a Private Safari carried out by a The Personal Touch professional guide are required to complete and sign an Indemnity Form before departing on the safari. The Personal Touch Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any death, illness, delay, accident or loss whatsoever incurred during the course of the safari or for any expense arising from such an event. Liability to participants carried in any vehicle owned by The Personal Touch Ltd. is governed by the laws of the country in which such safaris take place, and all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises. Clients on such safaris should be aware that any safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and advice of the Safari Operator be followed. The Personal Touch Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to accept or retain any person on a tour or safari at any time if such a person’s physical or mental health and condition, or general attitude and deportment impede the operation of the safari or the welfare and enjoyment of other tour participants. Equitable refunds in such cases may be made. 

Itinerary Alternations – Unscheduled Extensions /Delays 

In the unlikely event of there being an unscheduled extension to the holiday itineraries, after departure, due to circumstances such as flight delays, bad weather, schedule changes, strikes or anything else beyond the control of The Personal Touch Ltd., it is agreed that extra expenses incurred will be for the account of the participant. The Personal Touch Ltd. is not liable for consequential damages. We trust that clients travelling in Africa appreciate that the carrying out of itineraries is largely dependent on local conditions. The Personal Touch Ltd. therefore reserves the right to make alterations to an itinerary carried out by The Personal Touch Ltd. Safari Operator, be it a complete withdrawal, elimination of any feature or slight adaptation of the itinerary, should the local conditions necessitate. The Personal Touch Ltd. will always try to offer an equivalent value substitute or proportional refund in such cases. 


Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability by all Participants

Clients have been informed about the contents and agree on the waiver of all claims, release from all liability, assumption of all risks, agreement not to sue and other terms of agreement are entered into by all participants with and for the benefit of The Personal Touch Ltd, its owner(s), employees, volunteers, business operators, agents and site property owners or lessees. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, self-drives and safari activities include but are not limited to: game driving, touring, sight-seeing, conveyance as passenger in or on any vehicle on public or private roads or in the South Luangwa National Park or around. The Personal Touch ltd. cannot be held liable for any mishap to you, your guests or your property caused from weather conditions, natural disasters, industrial action, political and civil strife and/or war, terrorism, intervention by any Government, robbery, fire, Ill-health, quarantine, airlines, airports, wildlife, or any other incident beyond our control. Personal property is not covered by our insurance, nor can The Personal Touch Ltd. be held liable for any personal injury or death sustained during the term of the hire contract.

If injury or death result to any party connected to the hire of the vehicle, or if injury or death occurs to a third party inflicted by the driver or passengers in the hired vehicle, The Personal Touch ltd., its employees, or any other third party connected to us, cannot be held responsible or liable. Third-party liability is NOT covered by The Personal Touch Ltd. Automobile third-party liability is liability imposed by law for loss or damage arising from the use or operation of a rented vehicle that results in bodily injury or death to any person or damage to property. We advise you to consult your own insurer if this is included in your own vehicle insurance.

Renter is not allowed to cross any waterways. Should they do so, any water damage caused to the vehicle from crossing fords, rivers or lagoons, inside the vehicle or to the engine, gearbox or axles including the components fitted to these items is not covered by The Personal Touch Ltd. It is the responsibility of the named Renter and any cost from the result of this damage will be charged on to the Renter, including the recovery costs. Whilst The Personal Touch ltd. does it utmost best to repair or replace a broken down vehicle, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss of income to the Renter caused by the malfunctioning or unavailability of a replacement vehicle.