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Our most popular package for sure and with good reasons.
In many ways self-drive discoveries are the ultimate type of safari to explore the surroundings of South Luangwa. Taking a self-drive puts you behind the wheel and in charge of your own rental vehicle, losing the set-timings and thus the crowds to discover this African wilderness for yourself.

For all drives into the National Park, a qualified guide will have to drive your professional open game viewing vehicle. The National Park board implemented this rule in 2018, which is really a shame for self-drive enthusiasts, but even our very experienced safari guests (who return year after year) actually enjoy the luxury of their personal guide. Making this new rule a blessing in disguise!

Personal Touch Mix & Match safari

Another bonus is that you are also able to enjoy a night safari, as you can stay in the park later than you would when driving your own vehicle. So sit back, enjoy the views, and spend quality time with your friends, whilst someone else does the driving. Who knows, you might even expand a bit on your animal knowledge.

This is indeed your personal safari and there is no need to stick to set game drive hours of camps and lodges and share your vehicle with total strangers when exploring the park. As long as you stick to the opening hours of the park (between 06.00 - 20.00 hours) you can meet our guide at a time specified by you.

Do know self-drives in "normal" closed vehicles are permitted in South Luangwa, between 06.00-18.00 hours.

A guide just for you and your friends


The Personal Touch offers a cost-effective option to experience the wonders of the park in the comfort of an open professional safari vehicle. The hire car is and remains exclusively for you and your party which allows a more personalized experience.

You have the flexibility as you’re in charge of your itinerary.
Our professional guide will drive your hired vehicle and you keep the rental car at other times for your self-drive itinerary outside of the National Park.

Our flexibility of the mix & match self-drive safaris means you’re free to arrange a combination of the two and really mix up your South Luangwa experience.
You have the freedom and flexibility to choose where you go and how to pace your day. And yes, most certainly, your professional guide is there just for you! No others will join, making this the ultimate private safari. 


The Personal Touch Mix & Match option is most popular for a reason. Whilst it gives you all the freedom of choosing your own safari, plus have a vehicle to drive yourselves around, it also is economical priced based on your wishes. We are more than happy to assist in making the perfect itinerary for you!

Each of our guests receives a customized service, but this unique proposition does make it difficult to advertise fixed prices. One price and thus package certainly does not fit all!

To give you an idea and make you feel more comfortable before contacting us; Personal Touch Mix & Match packages start at about USD 200 per day, which would include a rental vehicle for 24 hours and about 8 hours of our professional guiding services for game drives into the National Park. And yes, this is for a maximum of 9 people on the vehicle!

Obviously for the days not entering the park, exploring the game management area and visiting community projects, shops or other points of interest, a reduced rate applies.

To book or reserve a vehicle and guide with us, kindly get in touch with us by submitting our on-line form or writing a quick e-mail.
Or give us a call or start a chat. It is easy if you already know expected dates of travel, number of people and possible flight times, but general enquiries are certainly welcome too.

So do get in touch and experience for yourself our personal attention in supplying you with wheels and excellent guiding when needed in the South Luangwa Valley.

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A smile on your face with Mix & Match Safaris
Put a smile on your face; get in touch with us on hiring a vehicle and matching you with a professional guide when it suits you!