Since we live and breathe South Luangwa and actually have called this area home for many years, we thought to give you some hints, tips and ideas on what to expect on your private safari. We won’t bore you with what to pack, bring or wear. We trust you already thought of your camera, binoculars, light clothing, insect repellent, sun block, sturdy shoes and what not more..... 


The best times to see wildlife is early morning and late afternoon. Obviously you can decide for yourselves at what time to leave for a game drive; this is your private safari! Your guide will meet you at a time convenient and decided by you. He is available for 4 hours per game drive, but needs to respect the park rules. This means no entry into the park before 06.00 hours and not leaving the park gate later than 20.00 hours.
Kindly respect his advice and experience. It is best to communicate daily with him directly on when to meet you for your next pre-booked safari with Personal Touch.

It is not allowed to drive off road in South Luangwa National Park. Your guide is not allowed to quickly drive around the bush for you to have a better sighting of the animals. Also remember that most of your fellow humans have come to this park for a “wilderness” experience and thus minimizing unnecessary noise from music, cell phones and loud talking would almost certainly be appreciated. True you are fortunate enough to be on a private safari (thus not sharing the vehicle with total strangers) but you will encounter other people on safari as well.

Vervet Monkey in South Luangwa
Hot days in South Luangwa


Up to 4 hour game drives in the hot African sun, different seats than you are used too, and a lot of bumping and bouncing around (safari massage – no extra charge!).
But it is exciting and the time will fly past.

A good hat and sun-block are a must, plus some bottled water or add a few extra drinks to the cooler-box; it will surely compliment your safari. If you wish to stop for a drink break, let your guide know about your plans, he can find a nice shady (and safe) spot for you to enjoy a drink in the bush. It would be nice to share a soft drink with the guide if you think of it.

Luangwa can be having HOT and dusty conditions. Hot in summer and dusty through the dry winter months. From June to end of August you may wish to bring an extra sweater as it can be cold early morning / after sunset. Just so you know…expect it. Shorts for men and women are fine in the bush, but do skip those bright colours please. Longer trousers are socially acceptable in rural villages, so keep this in mind when going rural.

Taking your ‘comfort break’ in the bush when out on game drives. That’s right – no flushing toilet, no toilet seat and no toilet paper! You will be ‘going to the loo’ behind the nearest bush. Ladies, it is a good idea to carry tissues and a small bag to deposit them in until you can dispose of them back at your private house (and a hand sanitizer too). Do NOT leave toilet tissues lying in the bush, please. Your guide will plan to stop for regular ‘comfort’ breaks but if you need to ‘go’ at any other time you only need let your guide know and he/she will find a suitable location where you will be afforded some privacy (most likely bushes) and will be safe (no lions hiding behind them!). 


Do take a rest through the heat of the day. With maybe your activities co-ordinated so that you spend the heat of the day relaxing – do really try and rest. You might be up earlier than normally.
Have a snooze, catch up on some reading, relax at the pool or book yourself in at the Award winning Bush-Spa of South Luangwa. Don’t worry, your game viewing can even continue whilst being pampered.

Aim for a Digital Detox. There might be yes or no cell (mobile) phone coverage in the more remote parts of the park. And sure great, instantly post that shot to all your friends. But do you have to? Try and enjoy the fact you are in the bush and data signal, wireless or even plain connectivity are not the norm of the day. Just turn it off – what were you thinking? 

Take it easy and enjoy South Luangwa

We wish you a wonderful time in and around South Luangwa and look forward hearing your wildlife stories!

Plus maybe send us some of your pictures; we might feature them on our website.

Should you have not found all the information you were looking for, please do get in touch with us or fill out the small contact form and we get back to you shortly. Don't miss out on your dream safari !!!

Have fun and contact us to make a reservation!