Not sharing your safari with total strangers is the ultimate way to explore the wilderness and remoteness of the Zambian bush.

Doing what we always do – focusing on the needs of our guests – means we’re taking some extra precautions and ease up our booking conditions to avoid any additional stress for people who already made reservations with us or to those who thankfully look forward to book a dream safari in South Luangwa in the future....

Different times, we try and enjoy the little things

It is a beautiful world out there......


This pandemic is an unprecedented situation for travel and travellers. That means it is business as unusual for us at Personal Touch and for tourism in general.

One thing is certain; it is pretty easy to avoid big crowds in the great outdoors of South Luangwa on your private safari.

We all know and feel the many health benefits whilst being outside in nature, and the current risks seem low and manageable, by keeping a good distance to people and wild animals alike.

Safari and Safety

General thoughts for travel to South Luangwa and knowing the safety basics

If we all follow the WHO guidelines, the risk of transmission aboard planes, in hotels or on your private safari, is significantly reduced

The Zambian government has made mask-wearing mandatory for everyone in public places, so although you don’t see the bright Zambian smile, know it is there. We highly recommend avoiding group activities that involve close contact with strangers and practice social distancing at camp sites or your accommodation supplier. Know that all Personal Touch safaris are fully private, so you will not be joined by strangers.


Private safaris without strangers


We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the virus and our focus is to ensure we meet customer needs whilst doing our part to keep you and our employees safe.

We are still learning about COVID-19. But one consensus is that it seems to spread most easily by close contact between people. The WHO says that touching objects is not the main way of contracting it. While clean safari vehicles and 4x4 hire cars are important, utmost important is keeping distance from others you don’t share your life with. Wearing a face covering minimizes the chance you pass a virus and, last but not least, wash your hands when you go on safari, during your safari and after your safari!

Travel planning is good for your mental health and with the world slowly opening up again, you and many other people are longing for a break and why not head into the splendid isolation of nature, or at least make plans to turn your dreams into reality? 

Well look no further....

Safari during COVID-19 times;

Remember why it so nice to have your own wheels? No car or safari vehicle will be shared between parties who are not known to each other. So no, absolutely 100% certain, your safari will not be joined by complete strangers and is exclusively, thus privately for you and your party!

Booking policies during covid

COVID safety policy; on safari with some extra care

Here’s what we are doing currently and in the future......

Long before these current concerns, the Personal Touch has been following specific cleaning protocols to ensure the health and comfort of our safari guests and staff.

We have enhanced our already robust cleaning techniques of our vehicles after each rental. In particular, we are paying special attention to the places people touch such as steering wheels, door handles, safari bars, and other hard surfaces. All surfaces inside and outside of our vehicles (and yes under the bonnet as well) are cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.

Our open game viewing vehicles are indeed suitable disinfected.
Your private safari guide will wear a face mask and remains with you throughout your stay per your booked itinerary.
Safari vehicles will be disinfected before and after each hire.

As the car is for your private use, we expect you to maintain social distancing requirements between your family and friends. Upon arrival you will be asked about possible signs of illness.
Hand sanitizer can be made available for use on guided drives if you forgot your own.

As our guest in Zambia, we expect you to arrive with your own face masks in line with Government recommendations. To support our local community we are happy to direct you to purchase some locally made face masks to add to your safari kit.

We are also cleaning our garage facilities frequently with recommended sanitizing products and encouraging all employees to be vigilant about frequent hand washing.
In addition, we are taking steps to ensure the welfare of our employees. This includes instructing employees who feel ill to stay home and consult their healthcare providers. Daily temperature measurements are part of this for the next coming weeks and all staff are wearing protective face masks and gloves where needed.

Your safety is our highest priority and we truly appreciate the trust that you place in our team and our company. 

private safari with extra care

How we deal with your existing bookings
and take future bookings with confidence for all

Your reservation is secure without any deposit, updated 29-05-2020

For all our existing bookings, there will not be any penalties for changes made up to 72 hours before the start of your rental or safari package.

Changes in dates can be made for up to 18 months after your original travel plan.

We are easing up final payment arrangements for the entire year of 2020 for all existing and current bookings. Final payments no longer need to be paid 30 days before arrival. To ease the stress, balance payment can be paid 72 hours before arrival. We can even go as far as to accept final payment on arrival and will stay in close contact with you individually.

For all new enquiries and reservations, deposits or down payments are not required for the rest of 2020, whilst your booking is still confirmed by us.

Full and final payment can be made on arrival for you to start your safari of a lifetime carefree and with peace of mind.

And most certainly, you are more than welcome to book provisionally. That means without costs, without any obligations, but with a peace of mind that your private safari or car hire is in the books, awaiting all your other travel arrangements.

It remains our privilege to serve and take care of each of you. Providing fully private safari possibilities in the splendid isolation of South Luangwa!

Start safari dreaming now!

If everyone is responsible to themselves, the larger community and nature, then we all are safer!

COVID-19 Safety on Safari
Personal Touch Safaris in South Luangwa, the luxury of enjoying your private safari in the remoteness of Zambia