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About us
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Safety on safari in these different times  
thoughts for travel to South Luangwa and knowing the safety basics on Covid-19

Your fully private safari can start today!

Private Guided safaris
the joy to have your own personal guide & vehicle

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What to expect on safari
and we promise.... no strangers will join your private safari

Terms & Conditions Private Guided safari
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Self-Drive Explorations in and around South Luangwa

Mix & Match, self-drive a safari vehicle & a private guide when it suits you
the best of both worlds for your safari

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Our closed 4x4 vehicle for a fully self-drive adventure
flexibility to go whenever & for how long you want

Tips for self-drive adventures
what to do... but most certainly also what not to do

Terms & Conditions for our Mix and Match Safaris
more information and possibilities

Terms & Conditions for our 4x4 self-drive vehicles
an agreement applies for all our car hires

More information about South Luangwa and information for Professionals

South Luangwa National Park
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Our favourite links
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Professional photographers or film crew
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