Terms & Conditions
Guided Private Safari

Conditions for professional Private Safari Service

All Safaris are private for your party per booking, no other guests will join. A maximum of 9 people are allowed per safari and the final number needs to be communicated upfront. We have a fleet of vehicles, so can always assist with more vehicles should you have a big group. Pricing is based on the safari, not per person and include all safari’s as listed below (vehicle, professional safari guide, spotter for evening safaris) but does not include park entrance fee for passengers which is charged per person. Pre-bookings are preferred, but guests are more than welcome to check last minute availability. Whilst on safari, the vehicle is only allowed in the Mfuwe area and South Luangwa National parks for game drives and tourist activities, following DNPW and Zambian rules and regulations. Any unauthorized and other usage of the vehicle (inclusive of adding non-agreed passengers) renders all insurances.

Professional Service Agreement; Private Safari

Your private safari to explore South Luangwa National Park and its surrounding game management areas are booked per your itinerary and per the number of people as confirmed per e-mail. No other people or additional people may be allowed on the vehicle for your safari. All safari vehicles will come with a small cooler box for your personal supplied drinks / some food. Bottled water is included on the safari. All private Safaris will start from the centre of Mfuwe village (filling station), unless otherwise agreed. Transfers to and from Mfuwe may be arranged by you directly or you can self-drive into Mfuwe. We offer complimentary safe, under-cover parking, for self-drive guests (subject to availability).

Please note that no refunds are given where a client leaves an itinerary before completion or if the itinerary ends before its published date due to reasons beyond Personal Touch’s control. No refunds are made for no shows or any unused services. Extension or change of services can only be done by prior agreement of Personal Touch. Your private safari is available for you per specific hours and specific number of people agreed, following rules and regulations in Zambia; any other itinerary requirements need to be discussed upfront

One drive - Private Safari is available for a maximum of 4 hours at a time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than 06.00 and not later than 20.00 hours following park rules

Two drives - Private Safari is available for a maximum of 4 hours each at a time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than 06.00 and not later than 20.00 hours following park rules *

All day Drive - Private Safari is available for a maximum of 8 hours at a time convenient to you, the guests, but not earlier than 06.00 and not later than 18.00 hours following park rules **

* If guests wish we can reserve a space at a nice restaurant with cash bar, to order an a-la-carte lunch at own expense in between the two safaris. Depending on time a visit to the Award winning Bush-Spa may also be possible, all treatments there at own expense. We can arrange your reservation

** For all day drives, we highly recommend guests to bring a packed lunch at own expense for a bush-style picnic in the park

Pricing & Payments

The Personal Touch ltd. reserves the right to amend the rates quoted and not to enter into a safari agreement at our discretion. The Personal Touch Ltd. accepts Zambian Kwacha and US dollars via direct transfer into our account in Zambia. Alternatively we can send you a link for payments via Exchange4Free to be able to make a bank transfer (EFT) into a local account saving you on bank fees. We are also able to accept Credit Card or Online Secure payments, which attract a 5% administration fee. Please be aware that all bank transfers should be made free of ALL bank charges to recipient.. Full payment is to be done before start of the Safari.

A cancellation of any booking must be received in writing. The cancellation fee is as follows, whereas all bank charges for possible refunds are at clients cost::

* Less than 3 months prior to safari 50% of total amount

* Fourteen or less days prior to safari 100% of total amount

* Early return, no shows or any unused services No refund

No commercial activities (including commercial filming and photography) are allowed inside the National Park, without written consent of DNPW.

Park entrance fees

All entrance fees are payable directly to the park board at the gate, therefore we advise you to bring enough cash to have ready at the entrance gate. The Personal Touch Ltd. cannot be held liable for prices quoted in error i.e. all prices quoted on an error and omissions basis. The following is payable by the party booking the Private Safari; Cash payments accepted in USD or ZMW against daily rate

DNPW Park Entry fees valid per day on Personal Touch Guided Game Drives:

US $ 25 per person per day – Non Residents

US $ 20 per person per day – Zambian Residents / SADC members

ZMW 42 per person per day – Zambian Citizens (ZMW cash only)

ZMW 25.50 for the vehicle on guided drive between 06.00-18.00 hours, (ZMW cash only)

US $ 20 for the vehicle on guided drive between 18.01-20.00 hours

Insurance & Liability

Participants undertake all activities associated with their itinerary at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance in respect of themselves and their property. We advise participants to take out their own comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage and money. The Personal Touch Ltd. shall not be liable if a participant should fail to take adequate insurance cover. All clients booked on a Private Safari carried out by a The Personal Touch professional guide are required to complete and sign an Indemnity Form before departing on the safari. The Personal Touch Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any death, illness, delay, accident or loss whatsoever incurred during the course of the safari or for any expense arising from such an event. Liability to participants carried in any vehicle owned by The Personal Touch Ltd. is governed by the laws of the country in which such safaris take place, and all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises. Clients on such safaris should be aware that any safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and advice of the Safari Operator be followed. The Personal Touch Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to accept or retain any person on a tour or safari at any time if such a person’s physical or mental health and condition, or general attitude and deportment impede the operation of the safari or the welfare and enjoyment of other tour participants. Equitable refunds in such cases may be made.

Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability by all Participants

Clients have been informed about the contents and agree on the waiver of all claims, release from all liability, assumption of all risks, agreement not to sue and other terms of agreement are entered into by all participants with and for the benefit of The Personal Touch Ltd, its owner(s), employees, volunteers, business operators, agents and site property owners or lessees. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Safari Activities include but is not limited to: game driving, touring, sight-seeing, conveyance as passenger in or on any vehicle on public or private roads or in the South Luangwa National Park or around, provided by the Personal Touch to the Participants. All people joining Personal Touch Private Safaris are aware that there are inherent dangers, hazards and risks (“Risks”) associated with Safari Activities and injuries resulting from these “Risks” may be a common occurrence. All are aware that the “Risks” of “Safari Activities” mean those dangerous conditions which are an integral part of “ Safari Activities”, including but not limited to: The propensity of any wild animal to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm or death to persons, other animals or objects; The unpredictability of a wild animal’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, tremors, vibrations, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals; The inherent danger that wild animals, reptiles, insects and plants poses for persons, other animals and objects; The potential for other participants and other persons to behave in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to themselves or others; Conveyance in or on any vehicle (open or closed) on roads, off-road, in the bush or Park.